Who We Are

Founded in  2004, SmarterMedium is an interactive services consultancy that designs strategic solutions to improve communication with your customers, partners, and prospects. We offer a variety of training, information design, and product marketing solutions. Our services focus on identifying the needs of your customers and rapidly strategizing, defining, and crafting messaging for your products, training materials, and communication solutions to reach them effectively.

Mike O'Brien

Mike O’Brien


Mike O’Brien started SmarterMedium in 2004 with the premise that the learning value could be continually enhanced by customizing solutions to the enterprise and innovating the delivery medium. Our initial focus was step-by-step guides as everyone was a digital novice. Hundreds of projects later, working with global customers, we have grown with customers developing learnings that seek to improve performance through story and engagement for all employees.

Elke O’Brien


Love exploring and having a new adventure story to tell – especially when we can laugh about it. Fascinated by developments in interactive journalism and visual storytelling (check out Snow Fall, National Geographic on iPad). Boston is home but the neighborhood extends from SFO to LHR.

Laura Bissell


Self-proclaimed word nerd and wanna-be surfer. I play Scrabble as a competitive sport!

Loni Pustizzi


A lover of the outdoors and adventure, as well as an avid comic book reader. I believe that when something is well designed it should provoke some sort of reaction, doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative.

Daily Life

In 2014, we moved out of our offices in Cohasset, MA to become a virtual organization. We  leverage cloud and digital technologies to develop innovative training solutions, and to stay connected with each other and our clients around the world.