Bespoke Learning

SAP SuccessFactors Custom Course Demonstration

Walk through the customizable learning experience for SAP SuccessFactors. This course covers end-user experience with SAP SuccessFactors Learning for employees, managers, and learning administrators. Please note this is a limited demo.  Contact us to learn more or view a full demonstration of the course. Give it a try:

One Course. Select Your Screen Experience

Take the control of the course in your device. Select Your Screen Experience.


Desktop (1600×1080)


Laptop (1366×768)


Tablet (768×1024)


SmartPhone (640×960)

A sample functioning learning experience embedded into any webpage, app or LMS. Contact us to learn how.

SAP SuccessFactors custom courses are about making information conveniently accessible at the moment of need, engaging the learning opportunity by expressing the answer, the benefits and impact of utilizing the knowledge.  These courses expand your understanding of SAP SuccessFactors for you and your team, put practice to work with interactions, and develop your skills by extending your knowledge.

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