Transforming Instructor Led Training to Multi-Lingual Global Learning

For a global apparel company, transforming instructor-led training to an on-demand learning experience enabled the organization to communicate multilingual learning globally and train on a scaled basis.

Business Challenge

Faced with compliance training for thousands of managers across the globe, the organization looked for a faster, simpler way to craft and deploy training.

Project Highlights

Starting from the trainer’s PowerPoint deck, an interactive and engaging learning experience was created that was simple to get through, easily understood, and applicable to employee’s daily work.  Learning transformation focuses on updating the methods and mediums by which training is delivered and by changing the underpinnings, new capabilities and outcomes that were not previously imagined are possible. Leveraging new technologies and digital native audiences enable the learning to more closely align and integrate with the audience.


Development happens when you put into practice what you are learning. Throughout the course, knowledge checks apply what you are learning and case studies that bring situational realism to enhance comprehension.

Transitioning from an instructor-led methodology; the online training course exceeded the previous year’s completions in the first few days after launch. The launch created more visibility, interest, and engagement for corporate programs and the promotion of core responsibilities and values for all employees.  The course also provided on-demand and dynamic reporting that enabled better control of training deadlines, and escalations for non-completion.