End User Performance Support Design

Quick reference guides move documentation to just in time performance support.

Business Challenge

Sometimes what is needed most is a well designed instructive document that provides connects the necessary performance support to a purpose. For customers of SuccessFactors and even for SuccessFactors employees themselves, deploying a full talent management suite, required providing managers and employees quick accessible training on specific activities aligned and linked to the organization’s talent strategy.

Project Highlights

For SAP SuccessFactors users (managers, employees, HR, leadership), they need a quick way to understand the HR process and their role. Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and job aides outlining the basic user and manager features of the new system, conveyed the overall purpose of the program and enabled managers and employees to quickly complete tasks and maximize the benefits of the system with minimal time and learning commitment.

Guides are formatted for rapid translation. The materials were developed to be translated internally for global rollout with screen support on the translated visuals.


Since 2005, SmarterMedium has developed in partnership with SAP SuccessFactors custom Quick Reference Guides [QRGs or Job Aides]. These guides covered every role and module of SuccessFactors HCM suite, and were branded to hundreds of organizations around the world. The guides higlight an organizations unique perspective, branding, process and terminology, identify the key features and steps required to complete each step of a talent process. The guides empower employees — putting answers to process steps in the their hands. Quick Reference Guides are designed to provide answers when expertise is not required.