End-User Adoption Course

End-User Adoption Online Learning for Employees and Managers introducing them to the SAP SuccessFactors platform.

Business Challenge

When rolling out a new talent management system, how do you create a global program that engages employees individually?  Successful adoption of a new talent management system is not measured by the percentage of users adopting the new program — not some, not most, not a good start — success is dependent on everyone’s’ engagement.

Project Highlights

Allowed learners to self-identify region and role information to see a customized presentation of features, benefits, and requirements.

Built on branded, familiar experiences that employees are familiar with and allow learners to focus on the new information and knowledge.

Learning customized to follow company processes, focuses on key features, and ignores unneeded functionality.


Allow users to access quick how-to and step by step supporting materials without overloading with documentation.

Throughout the course, knowledge checks, checklists apply what you are learning. Case studies bring situational realism to enhance comprehension.

Training materials not only speak the audience’s language but more importantly, speak the language they will engage, learn, and develop with.