Preboarding New Hire Experience with gomolearning

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PerStart delivers an engaging, story-driven, online learning experience prior to the employee’s first day. It bridges the new hire’s knowledge gap with a curated presentation of the organization, culture, and first-day knowledge.

Try out a sample PerStart module.

This performance start module exposes new hires to different learning approaches that will assist them to be successful in their first days on the job.

The PerStart platform is completely configurable to work with your learning or web environment.  You can select from individual micro-learnings, a rapid deployment platform with branded ready content and assets, or select a custom development preboarding program that compliments your onboarding and new hire experience.

How a learner starts the learning experience, the ease by which they can engage with the content can speed the experience and improve the results. A responsive course also means moving the learning experience closer to the learner in their workday. Rather than requiring a login, navigation, and curriculum, responsive courses can be moved directly to web pages, internal resources, and onto the device without requiring multiple steps or authentications to start the learning experience.  Learn More

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