Digital Onboarding Learning Experiences

What if your onboarding program could start the moment the offer is accepted and could continue the carefully crafted storyline that attracted them to your organization. Imagine reaching new employees, from the moment they accept, in a way that engages them early to maximize performance and success before their first day.

Build Momentum for the Start

Build on the momentum you created in the interviews and set your expectation early for a culture of learning and development. Our courses continue the story started in the recruiting process by creating learning paths that allow the employee to get to know who your organization is as a brand, your values, your vision … much more than what they were introduced to while discussing a job description.

Onboarding PerStarts

Changing jobs or starting a new career is a chaotic, stressful, and exciting time. Some of your culture may be entirely new. Some familiar. Allow the new hire to learn on their terms, map their understanding to yours. Leverage the new employee’s experiences to develop an understanding of the talents, values, and context of skills required.

Day One as an Engaging Learning Experience

Day one is overwhelming, and onboarding can be so much more than welcome email, paperwork and an office map.  Prestart learning experiences help focus your new hires first days on understanding the new role, their new team and how you and your new employee can be productive together.

Bespoke Onboarding

Onboarding can be much more than just getting the paperwork out of the way. Our custom prestart programs focus on developing engaging, branded, narrative-driven learning experiences to develop your new hire’s understanding of the talents, values, and context of skills required. Their personal story and your story are about to intersect.