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Gomo learning allows for an agile approach to blending learning by developing learning experiences focused on micro-learning and rapid development. This agile approach to learning and training using Gomo Learning is shaped by interactions and collaboration with participants during the learning process.

What is Gomo Learning?

Gomo Learning represents a fundamental shift to powering your learning experience development. Gomo Learning is an online agile learning authoring system with hosting and other innovative tools to offer a complete the learning experience. Gomo Learning is part of a new breed of applications that are purely cloud-based. Gomo Learning provides a centralized shared and collaborative authoring space for SMEs, learning designers, instructors, stakeholders, and contributors. Multiple users can share and work on a single course providing a new shared collaborative authoring that was not previously possible.

Gomo Learning Experience Design Process

Gomo Learning Learning Experience Design Process

Four Weeks to Work Preboarding New Hire Experience

What Differentiates the Gomo Process?

The Gomo Learning platform is cloud-built and based, which allows course development to pursue a design process that is quick and agile. This does mean that thinking in a linear process with your internal team, files, file versions, and shared directories will need a refresh. Gomo challenges the old workflow and moves learning closer to experience development currently used in web, marketing, and app development.

Four Weeks to Work Preboarding New Hire Experience

Why Consider Gomo Learning?

Unlike the traditional e-learning linear development, where stakeholder and SME involvement is focused on early contributions. Using Gomo Learning with an agile development involves stakeholders and contributors early in the process but also builds and maintains stakeholder engagement through iterative processes, constant communication. The combined efforts of our learning designers and project stakeholders greatly improves the quality of the overall learning experience and avoids costly rework that can plague traditional e-learning development.

How SmarterMedium Can Help with Gomo Learning?

SmarterMedium helps global enterprises integrate Gomo Learning into their learning technology portfolio to improve engagement, design new learning journeys and deliver measurable benefits to employee engagement, performance, and business results.

We can assist with every aspect of your gomo learning platform projects from initial training on gomo learning for stakeholders and editors, gomo learning experience development, and strategies for leveraging an agile learning process in your learning development pathways.

Leverage Our Expertise and Experience

Early in 2015, we were invited to develop a new course for a global retailer. One of their requirements was to use a new authoring tool – Gomo Learning Authoring. From this early project, we recognized the potential for a more agile learning authoring system that allowed for more direct collaboration with SMEs, faster output of learning experiences, and iteration development resulting in more flexible learning pathways. Since 2015, we have developed numerous courses for a multitude of customers crossing industries, regions, and languages. In addition to authoring our own courses and content using Gomo Learning, working with customers, we have been about to better engage both subject matter experts (rapid iterations), and learners.

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