An engaging portfolio of learning experiences that provide provides momentum for a successful performance start on day one. Four Week to Work is a learning experience focused on pre-boarding where understanding, confidence, and momentum are critical for the initial success of the new-hire and manager. Together, the Course and the Playbook create a shared learning path for the new hire and the team they are joining.

Four Weeks to Work PlaybookThe Four Weeks to Work Playbook communicates that the new hire can expect support, and a commitment to learning and development; easing the inevitable transition anxieties.

Four Weeks to Work Pre-boarding Online CourseThe Four Weeks to Work Course presents both the manager and new hire storylines together to enhance understanding by providing perspective on the critical time period from offer acceptance to the first day. 
Four Weeks to Work Pre-boarding TeamBookThe Four Weeks to Work Teambook provides preparation for the organization, the hiring manager, and the team in order to create and support a performance-driven start for the new employee. 
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