Four Weeks to Work
New Hire Preboarding Experience

Four Weeks to Work, a preboarding learning experience for organizations to deploy that is focused on improving the new-hire onboarding experience. Give it a try:

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The Four Weeks to Work learning experience concentrates on preboarding, where understanding, confidence, and momentum are critical to the initial success of the new-hire and manager. Uniquely, Four Weeks to Work presents both the manager and new-hire storylines together to enhance understanding by providing perspective on the critical time period from offer acceptance to the first day (typically four weeks). The course is designed for organizations to brand and integrate into their onboarding program and is available now for customization and tailored delivery.

Four Weeks to Work Preboarding New Hire Experience

New Hire Learning Experience

Four Weeks to Work communicates that the new hire can expect support, and a commitment to learning and development; easing the inevitable transition anxieties.

Four Weeks to Work Preboarding New Hire Experience

Organization Perspective

By mirroring the organization’s perspective with the new hire’s perspective in a single storyline, each has access to the insights needed for a mutually successful performance start.

Four Weeks to Work Preboarding New Hire Experience

Engaging Social Experience

Leveraging an always-on approach, reach social channels from directly inside the course with live twitter feeds, videos and even a suggested Spotify preboarding playlists and podcasts.

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