Pre-Boarding Communication Plan

Video Pre-boarding:
Communicating Confidence and Culture

Joining a team already in motion requires new hires to rapidly onboard to have any chance of success. The digital economy is speeding transitions and transformations with increasing pressure on performance from day one. How you convey the importance of the new hire, and the onboarding process starts with pre-boarding. A series of quick video vignettes can preview the story, culture, values of the organization can better utilize this time to go beyond the typical onboarding checklists, forms, and HR processes.

Many organizations’ onboarding programs assume that the four weeks between offer acceptance and the first day is just a waiting period til to the new hire starts and focus solely on automating and streamlining paperwork to speed the process along.  Yet, onboarding ultimately succeeds or fails on communication.  A well-crafted pre-boarding program cannot keep the perfect candidate from having second thoughts, nor can it fix a flawed candidate.

Even a simple program of communication can assist new hires as they transition through turning points in their careers. Consider these sample video elements listed below as starting points for your pre-boarding communication plan.

Welcome Message

Provide the new hire with an introduction that sets the tone for the onboarding process and gives an idea of who you are and what you value. Also, take a moment to tell your new hire that you’re excited to have them join your team.

Pre-Boarding Communication Plan

Onboarding Timeline

The onboarding process started the moment the new hire accepted the offer and doesn’t stop on their first day. Communicate that the organization wants to continue the conversation, the ideas and the engagement started during the interviews and build it into the new hire’s career with the organization.

Pre-Boarding Communication Plan

Digital Introduction

Start your new hire experience with your approach to digital transformation, systems, and tools they will use. Use pre-boarding to introduce your new hire to your social media presence so they can experience your voice, visual existence, and external-facing messaging.

Pre-Boarding Communication Plan

Organization Overview

Onboarding is a team process. Every person who connects to the new-hire will play a dynamic role in their success. Understanding their role within the organization will be the new hire’s starting point to face new challenges and opportunities for growth. Provide a primer on each part of the organization and how it can be connected to the employee’s role.

Pre-Boarding Communication Plan

Pre-boarding Changes

Every new hire will face first-morning angst. The pre-boarding time for the new hire is also about change, life changes, and sometimes antagonisms that can derail the new-hire’s success. Introduce pre-boarding support to the new-hire within the onboarding program to assist them with these changes and ensure a successful first day.

Pre-Boarding Communication Plan

Pre-boarding Communication Plan

For the new hire, the new role in the new organization has only been an abstraction during the recruiting process, accepting the offer starts the transition to reality. Building a simple cadence of communication, video vignettes, creates touch points with the new hire throughout the pre-boarding period. Combined with emails or messages to the new hire from the hiring manager or HR, these micro-learnings can instill confidence during a critical transition for the new hire.

Two Customizable Pre-boarding Platforms

Looking for options to create your pre-boarding program, check out our customizable platforms to engage new hires.

PerStart Preboarding Experience

PerStart pre-boarding enables organizations to onboard new hires with knowledge and confidence needed for success day one. PerStart delivers an engaging, story-driven, online learning experience prior to the employee’s first day. It bridges the new hire’s knowledge gap with a curated presentation of the organization and culture and first-day knowledge to be successful.

Four Weeks to Work Preboarding New Hire Experience

Four Weeks to First Preboarding Course

The Four Weeks to Work learning experience concentrates on pre-boarding, where understanding, confidence, and momentum are critical to the initial success of the new-hire and manager. Uniquely, Four Weeks to Work presents both the manager and new-hire storylines together to enhance understanding by providing perspective on the critical time period from offer acceptance to the first day (typically four weeks). 

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