HR & Talent Learning Experiences

We design HR & Talent learning programs for continuous updates and evolving business requirements.  Launch for people programs and initiatives requires you to create a lasting experience and resource for activities throughout the year and new hires and new roles when they occur. Ensuring that the user embraces the fundamentals and is prepped for the fluidity of feature and change.

People Systems and HR Programs are Continuously Changing.

Getting started, updating, or reinvigorating talent learning requires you to create a lasting experience and resource for activities throughout the year, for new hires, and new roles when they occur.

Tell Your Story … Everywhere

Why are we doing this? Be honest and compelling. Let’s face it managing time off has been a pain, with this new system. In the current business climate, we have to embrace changes to stay competitive. Infuse the story into the training and learning, and everywhere you are communicating. Talk about what benefits people can expect in comparison to any former tools or processes.

Solve Real-World Problems

Take the initial training opportunities to solve something for your people. Use how-to tasks or business processes that are familiar to your audience as a way to engage them. Make it a quick success for them.  Let your people know that answers are here for when the need arises.

Build Your Learning Center

Use a social platform as a hive of activity and resources. Use micro-learning to make it something to return to not launch and leave. Store training resources such as getting started guides and tips & tricks, presentation, and learning experiences. Our focus is to make learning accessible from every device.

Start with Today … then What-If

Driving lasting user adoption with the rollout of a cloud platform means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solutions provides. Buy-in and enthusiasm do not come from automated documentation.

We are deploying a new system to think big about the possibilities for our business and help you take the small steps to achieve them.” Start with the reasons your organization sees this new program as a strategic investment and translate it to the day to day interactions your employees will have with the new system.

Take the initial training opportunities to solve something for your people. Use how-to tasks or business processes that are familiar to your audience as a way to engage them. Make it a quick success for them. Let your people know that answers are here for when the need arises.

Coaching Culture Learning Experiences

Digital Transformation often requires that employees embrace culture understand brand, company, and team over specific technical knowledge and expertise. To help companies and employees better prepare for their digital futures, coaching culture programs delve into how organizations strengthen their cultures and develop the talent that drives them. Coaching Culture courses equips learners with the ability to inspire, manage change, complexity, diversity to develop digital cultures that thrive in rapidly changing markets. They are flexible and dynamic to harness talent and diversity. We tailor learning around the individual, team, and company needs.

Engage Perspective
How do I get credit for the things I do; can I grow in my career? How can I work better and develop?

Learn Some Simple Steps
Learn and showcase the system and solution features and where to get started within this course.

Practice Beyond Assessment
Put practice to work with interactions, self-identify role, click in to learn more, pop-overs, reveals.

Develop and Support New Knowledge
Develop knowledge to support the system and new ways of thinking.

When Developing Learning What Should You Be Considering?

Bespoke / Custom 
Well-crafted, Branded, Familiar Experiences 

Bespoke learning is well-crafted, branded, familiar experiences that allow learners to focus on the new information and knowledge. Bespoke learning is customized to follow your processes, focuses on your key features and ignores unneeded functionality, incorporates your branding, and uses language that your employees are familiar with.

Learning Transformation
From classroom to click, swipe, touch

Learning transformation focuses on updating the methods and mediums by which training is delivered and by changing the underpinnings, new capabilities and outcomes that were not previously imagined are possible. Leveraging new technologies and digital native audiences enable the learning to more closely align and integrate with the audience.
Mobile Ready
Multi-Device Responsive Design

Mobile is not just a display size, it shapes how we construct learning. Our learning leverages the ability to serve users in their mobile moments.
LMS Ready
Correlate Learning With Performance Outcomes

We built learning experiences that are both multi-device ready and work with your existing LMS systems. Our courses are ready for hosting whether accessing direct link from the web or loaded into any SCORM LMS. Our learning experiences support Experience API/xAPI (Tin Can) reporting that ensures your organization can view analytics and gather insights from your employee’s learning activities.

Specific Learning Paths to Performance Outcomes

This focused learning in a quickly consumable approach provides just-in-time training available on the learner’s preferred device (mobile, desktop, tablet). Today knowledge and content are available from every connected device. Learning and training are now about placing information conveniently accessible at the moment of need, engaging the learning opportunity by expressing the answer, the benefits and impact the utilizing the knowledge.

Translation Ready
Extend Customization to Multi-language Support

We create multi-lingual learning experiences that provide an opportunity not only to engage the user where they are most comfortable but also to provide an opportunity to highlight the benefits of the local markets and support their unique business processes. Your training materials not only speak your audience’s language but more importantly, speak the language they will engage, learn and develop with.
Rapid Iterative Development
Strategize, Storyboard, Develop, Evaluate

Our development processes focus on identifying the needs of your learners and rapidly strategizing, defining, and crafting messaging for your products, training materials, and communication solutions to reach them effectively.

Practice Knowledge
Knowledge Checks, Decision Trees, Assessments

Development happens when you put into practice what you are learning. Throughout the course, knowledge checks apply what you are learning and case studies that bring situational realism to enhance comprehension.

Digital Transformation
Align Organization to Digital Forward

Digital transformation and opportunities enable you to rethink the way work is organized and managed. Learning paths for transformation courses demonstrate how you as an organization can develop and adapt to new opportunities, for individual employees and your organization.