Case Study:
Global Digital Transformation Learning Experience

Using a micro-learning strategy to coach employees on what to expect and impacts to their daily life during an enterprise digital transformation strategy.  The learning experience informed global employees on the overall strategy, change management, and an introductory look at the cloud technologies the company would be deployed across the organization.

Business Challenge:

Recognizing that in the coming months, there will be a lot to take in; a global home appliance manufacturer provided it’s global users an online course as a primer on what to expect from an enterprise digital transformation program.

Project Highlights:

The program focused on transitioning in-depth materials developed by project teams into concise messaging of features, benefits and provide an understand of the global rollout of cloud technologies.

  • Adapted materials from a variety of existing project planning materials, internal resources, and keynote addresses.
  • Allowed learners to self-identify region and role information to see a customized presentation of features, benefits, and requirements.

Using a multi-device online learning experience, employees were introduced to the new enablement program as part of an overall digital transformation strategy. The course supported the organization’s aim at creating a seamless customer journey at each and every touchpoint with one of the brands – from the first contact to after-sales.

Key Features:
Digital Transformation
Align Organization to Digital
Digital transformation and opportunities enable you to rethink the way work is organized and managed. Learning paths for transformation courses demonstrate how you as an organization can develop and adapt to new opportunities, for individual employees and your organization.
User Adoption
Start with Today ... then What If
Driving lasting adoption with the rollout of a cloud platform means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solutions provides.
Bespoke / Custom
Well-crafted, Branded, Familiar Experiences
Bespoke learning is well-crafted, branded, familiar experiences that allow learners to focus on the new information and knowledge. Bespoke learning is customized to follow your processes, focuses on your key features and ignores unneeded functionality, incorporates your branding, and uses language that your employees are familiar with.