Case Study:
Global Pharmaceutical Migrates to Cloud Learning

A global pharmaceutical migrated learning management from on-premise system to cloud learning. SmarterMedium provided a custom training program to support global rollout for both end users and learning administrators. For employees and managers a complete walkthrough of the new functionality. End to end coverage including quick descriptions of key features and ‘Show Me’ walkthroughs of the steps to complete. Materials included:

Business Challenge:

For a global pharmaceutical, their existing on-premise learning management system is a critical element to their infrastructure that provides compliance, and knowledge transfer for all employees. While all employees and learning administrators are familiar with the existing system, transitioning that knowledge and comfort to a cloud LMS is critical to their strategic success.

Project Highlights:

Leveraging the learning administrators existing knowledge, trainings were developed that focused on the delta changes, change management, and new features and capabilities of the cloud-based learning management system.  Also, learning materials were developed for new employees and ongoing training where knowledge of the old system is no longer applicable.


Learning materials were developed in three key formats.

  • Training presentations that allow for learning administrators and key stakeholders to present the delta and change management for the new system in a variety of settings.
  • Quick Reference Guides that provide performance support as managers and learning administrators started using the new system.
  • eLearnings provide overviews of the new system without assumed prior knowledge.
Training Presentations:

A delta presentation stepped through the major and significant changes to the UI and business process from universal changes, end user, manager, trainers, and admin. The materials leveraged previous experience with the older system to quickly show the scope of the change, key notes, and where to find the new feature. In addition, the presentation offered tips and trick, spotlight workflows to reinforce best practices in the new learning system.

Quick Reference Guides:

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and job aides outlining the basic user and manager features of the new Cloud Learning system. Consolidated into single interactive guides formatted for rapid translation. The materials were developed to be translated internally for global rollout with screen support on the translated visuals.


For new users and ongoing support, two online courses walked through the admin and reporting roles. The elearnings were organized to provide quick refreshers at any point.