Bespoke User Adoption

SAP SuccessFactors User Adoption Courses

Driving lasting user adoption with the rollout of SAP SuccessFactors means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solution provides. SAP SuccessFactors User Adoption impacts the way you work and will challenge the way you think about deploying solutions to your organization.

Every Person in Your Organization has a Role to Play.

Platform training materials introduce SAP SuccessFactors as a series of talent and performance management steps for each person and level of your organization. Every person in your organization has a role to play. You, your managers, and your HR team will learn to achieve business alignment using SuccessFactors.

Platform Training Sets the Stage for Your Launch.

Platform training provides managers and employees with an overview of each of the modules that make up your SuccessFactors implementation. If you are upgrading, Getting Started/Navigation Training materials can assist users who are already familiar with your performance processes by providing information on how to navigate the new interface and identifying new features and modules.

Translate SuccessFactors to Employees’ Workday

Engage employees in why this is important, why you are launching this solution. You are not creating experts in the cloud; you are helping your people use the cloud to grow their expertise. By making their day a little easier allows more focus on their work – what they and the organization consider necessary.

Take a Walk Through a SuccessFactors User Adoption Course

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Mobile Ready
Multi-Device Responsive Design
Mobile is not just a display size, it shapes how we construct learning. Our learning leverages the ability to serve users in their mobile moments.
Bespoke / Custom
Well-crafted, Branded, Familiar Experiences
Bespoke learning is well-crafted, branded, familiar experiences that allow learners to focus on the new information and knowledge. Bespoke learning is customized to follow your processes, focuses on your key features and ignores unneeded functionality, incorporates your branding, and uses language that your employees are familiar with.
User Adoption
Start with Today ... then What If
Driving lasting adoption with the rollout of a cloud platform means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solutions provides.
Specific Learning Paths to Performance Outcomes
This focused learning in quickly consumable approach provides just-in-time training available on the learner’s preferred device (mobile, desktop, tablet). Today knowledge and content are available from every connected device. Learning and training are now about placing information conveniently accessible at the moment of need, engaging the learning opportunity by expressing the answer, the benefits and impact the utilizing the knowledge.
LMS Ready
Correlate Learning With Performance Outcomes
We built learning experiences that are both multi-device ready and work with your existing LMS systems. Our courses are ready for hosting whether accessing direct link from the web or loaded into any SCORM LMS. Our learning experiences support Experience API/xAPI (Tin Can) reporting that ensures your organization can view analytics and gather insights from your employee’s learning activities.
Translation Ready
Extend Customization to Multi-language Support
We create multi-lingual learning experiences that provide an opportunity not only to engage the user where they are most comfortable but also to provide an opportunity to highlight the benefits of the local markets and support their unique business processes. Your training materials not only speak your audience’s language but more importantly, speak the language they will engage, learn and develop with.