Bespoke Recruiting Course

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Course

The Custom Recruiting Courses for SAP SuccessFactors provides hiring managers and recruiters an overview of the recruiting tools and processes within your SuccessFactors implementation, so they can quickly and effectively source the right talent. Users will learn how to create a job requisition and send it through the approval process. Your processes for posting approved requisitions, conducting candidate searches, evaluating candidates, making an offer, and closing out completed job requisitions will be reviewed, as well as tools for searching for and applying to positions via the Careers module.

Immerse EMPLOYEES in your Talent & Recruiting Process

Your best source of talent is often your own employees searching for themselves and sharing opportunities with their social network. With SuccessFactors Recruiting Training, we provide the materials to engage your employees in not only using the career tools to seek opportunities for themselves but also to share your open postings.

Empower MANAGERS to Recruit their own Talent

Recruiting provides hiring managers on-line, centralized access to job requisition and recruiting processes to quickly and more efficiently recruit the right talent. With customized recruiting training materials, your managers will learn to use SuccessFactors Recruiting to:

  • Initiate a job requisition form, complete minimum required fields, and forward a form.
  • Participate in the evaluation process, with the recruiter to complete the job posting process.
  • Review resumes, interview and provide an assessment of candidates.
  • Make a hiring selection from the candidates.
  • Manage post-hire onboarding of new employees.
Train RECRUITERS on Cloud-Based and Team Recruiting

Recruiting provides recruiters on-line, centralized access to job requisition and recruiting processes to quickly and effectively recruit the right talent. With customized recruiting training materials, your recruiters will learn to use SuccessFactors Recruiting to:

  • Manage the job posting process.
  • Search, source, share and review internal and external candidates.
  • Schedule, interview and evaluate qualified candidates.
  • Manage candidates through the talent pipeline using recruiting as a tracking system.
  • Initiate pre-start onboarding and complete the requisition process.

Walkthrough of Recruiting Learning Course Screens

Rapid Development
Strategize, Design, Deploy
Our development processes focus on identifying the needs of your learners and rapidly strategizing, defining, and crafting messaging for your products, training materials and communication solutions to reach them effectively.
Practice Knowledge
Knowledge Checks and Case Studies
Development happens when you put into practice what you are learning. Throughout the course, knowledge checks apply what you are learning and case studies that bring situational realism to enhance comprehension.
Specific Learning Paths to Performance Outcomes
This focused learning in quickly consumable approach provides just-in-time training available on the learner’s preferred device (mobile, desktop, tablet). Today knowledge and content are available from every connected device. Learning and training are now about placing information conveniently accessible at the moment of need, engaging the learning opportunity by expressing the answer, the benefits and impact the utilizing the knowledge.
LMS Ready
Correlate Learning With Performance Outcomes
We built learning experiences that are both multi-device ready and work with your existing LMS systems. Our courses are ready for hosting whether accessing direct link from the web or loaded into any SCORM LMS. Our learning experiences support Experience API/xAPI (Tin Can) reporting that ensures your organization can view analytics and gather insights from your employee’s learning activities.
Bespoke / Custom
Well-crafted, Branded, Familiar Experiences
Bespoke learning is well-crafted, branded, familiar experiences that allow learners to focus on the new information and knowledge. Bespoke learning is customized to follow your processes, focuses on your key features and ignores unneeded functionality, incorporates your branding, and uses language that your employees are familiar with.
Mobile Ready
Multi-Device Responsive Design
Mobile is not just a display size, it shapes how we construct learning. Our learning leverages the ability to serve users in their mobile moments.
SmarterMedium Learning Design