We Develop Innovative Custom Learning Paths For:


Joining a team already in motion requires a new hire to rapidly onboard to have any chance at success. Develop learning that meets prepares your new hire, hiring manager and team for a performance start.
#Four Weeks to Work

Customer Success

Driving lasting user adoption with the rollout of a cloud platform means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solutions provides. For organizations, this drives business performance and for cloud technologies, this drives customer success.

Talent Management

Your organization, your brand, and your people are what make your learning requirements unique. Custom learning materials purpose-built to positively impact individual and business performance.
#HR Transformation

Blended Learning

Create responsive learning experiences that onboard learners with more diverse levels of understanding, enhance the quality of the learning experience, increase retention, and improve the development and performance outcomes for the learner and the organization.
#Blended Learning
#Gomo Learning

Discover how smart companies are using custom training to drive onboarding, innovation, and engagement with customers, employees, and partners. We provide flexible and scalable learning experiences that can meet the specific needs of your teams across the globe. Since 2004, SmarterMedium has worked with more than 400 companies all over the world to develop custom training programs. These organizations have collaborated with us develop training solutions to launch cloud programs, train new employees, develop the skills of their managers and leaders, and engage their organization at every level of their business.

Digital and Print Playbooks

Three playbooks in print, kindle, and pdf formats assist organizations to onboarding new hires, support teams, and embracing technologies like Gomo Learning: 

Gomo Learning Playbook Cover
A practical guide and introduction to learning experience creation and blended learning with Gomo Learning Authoring. The Gomo Learning Playbook onboards new users to creating learning pathways using Gomo Learning Authoring. #gomolearning
Four Weeks Playbook Cover
Pre-boarding is set to an easy pace that allows the employee to feel great about their decision and prepare them for success in the first days of the new role. Our pre-boarding playbook engages the new hire beginning with offer acceptance, preparing them to jump into the first day with momentum. #pre-boarding
Four Weeks to Work Team Book
Four Weeks to Work for Teams is a pre-boarding playbook that is presented in 14 short, story vignettes to help prepare the hiring manager and team for the arrival of a new member. #pre-boarding

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Your organization, your brand, and your people are what make your learning requirements unique. We develop custom learning experiences to match your opportunities. Our digital learning solutions interleave engagement, story, design, and delivery to empower your individual users to be successful as they work. Discover Ideas and insights driving our development of learning experiences for pre-boarding, employee engagement, and user adoption.

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